Welcome to the Village...

Relationships Are One of the Most Essential (and Least Understood!) Ingredients in a Thriving Life...

If you’re like most people, you’ve got relationship challenges.  

You might be having a hard time in one or more of your personal relationships, or perhaps you’re part of a leading-edge organization and you know that you MUST address your people problems to do business in the new paradigm. 

No matter what brought you here, I want to say, Welcome!

Come As You Are...

Now that you’re here, you’re already part of The Thriving Village, and I am thrilled to have you here. 

You are part of The Thriving Village even if you don’t quite yet feel like you’re thriving in the ways you’d like to be.

That is a-okay.  

In fact it’s more than okay and I want you to know, It’s not your fault that you’re having a hard time.


It’s not. 

And as much as you might hate to admit it, it’s not the other person’s fault either.  

I tell this to all my clients…

Relationships Aren't Meant toBe Worked Out in Isolation

None of us learned how to do them very well to begin with and even those of us who have spent decades studying relationships and interpersonal communication STILL flip our lids when the conditions are right.

Two people, by definition, can’t be a Thriving Village.

We all need support.  

So it really isn’t your fault that you’re having a hard time…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it–to the contrary!

You can! 

With or without the other person’s cooperation!

I feel confident that there is so much room for improvement in your relationships  and I am so eager to help you get started!

The first step is to download my FREE report called “Failure to Thrive” which will walk you through the 12 signs that there is something wrong in your relationship and you can still do something about it!

As you read through the report, you’ll probably notice that you experience at least one (and perhaps many) of these signs on a regular basis somewhere in your life.  

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About Me...


Since I was a young child, I’ve had a deep belief that we are each meant to thrive

I knew in my heart that our natural state of being should be to feel happy, connected, and confident that our needs will be met. It was never a matter of whether that was possible, only a question of how.  

And I knew that beyond basic physical needs being met, the quality of relationships I experienced in my life was a HUGE contributing factor to my ability to thrive. 

That’s why I have been on a life-long quest to learn about what fosters connection in relationship and what causes disconnection. 

 I’m always noticing and inquiring into what works and what doesn’t work, and I’m comfortable making up my own way of understanding or doing things, if how everyone else is doing something doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve encountered so many tools, techniques and processes in the decades that I have been on this journey. Some have been life-changing, whereas I’ve taken what worked from others and left what didn’t work by the wayside. Theories and research are great, but I am constantly looking for what’s practical, what’s actually going to make a difference in the heat of the moment when nothing else will? 

That question is at the core of the Thriving Life approach I use today to help my clients transform their challenging dynamics.  

What toExpect...

I am convinced that what connects any two people together on this planet is our genuine shared humanity — from our “warts and farts and ugly parts” to all that’s magnificent in each of us, and everything in between. 

In The Thriving Village we cultivate and deeply value everyone’s personal authenticity and transparency  (including my own!) because openly acknowledging our shared humanity is essential to the creation of a safe, resonant, compassionate space in which real transformation and healing can happen.



What People Say...

“I credit Vika and her valuable depth of insight to contributing greatly to saving my marriage. For the first time, we were able to begin to understand the roots of our communication challenges and find specific ways to improve things for the better."
Will Goldstein
“I just wanted to say thank you...There is a new sense of calm inside me, where before, (I now realize) there was only shame and resentment. I have a new excitement and curiosity for myself, and I’m so grateful for the support I get within the this community.”
Kevin Field
Portland, OR
“I highly recommend Vika’s groups and individual coaching. She brings powerful insight and clear, grounded presence that encourages honesty, integrity, and depth. Vika’s compassionate presence lives alongside her laser-sharp skill and vision. Her work is truly a gift for clients and group participants.”
Lena R.
Ph.D. candidate
Vancouver, BC

“This was so empowering to me and gave me such a sense of freedom! I have been stuck in my mindset for quite some time; having a shift in perspective was a long time coming. I feel like I have my power back!”

“I found the material much more practical and applicable than I had expected.”

Let's Thrive Together

 You’re part of the village now.  You don’t have to go it alone.

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